你的校园不仅仅是你学习的基地. It’s an engaging environment that gives you all the tools you need for success, including future-focused facilities that support every aspect of your learning.

Want facilities that inspire, challenge and connect?

Here are just a few of the reasons why we’ve invested so heavily in our student facilities.

  • Our focus on 实际的,现实世界的学习 demands industry-standard facilities that allow you to learn, practise and refine the skills that are crucial to your career success.
  • A healthy social life can benefit your education in lots of ways. bg电子希望你有自己的空间 与朋友联系 old and new, have fun and enjoy the full campus experience.
  • Innovation 是bg电子研究的关键支柱吗, and our cutting-edge facilities empower our research students to deliver powerful solutions to the world’s most important challenges.



Unleash your creativity in a futuristic $55 million-dollar 工程设施 在bg电子的沃恩池塘校区. The labs house an extraordinary array of advanced systems and equipment, 包括商用级3D打印机, a fully immersive VR lab and a high-voltage tesla lab. Tomorrow's innovators choose bg电子官方注册 to get hands-on with emerging tech that brings their ideas to life – ready to join them?



全天候开放,这个 workshop space at our Geelong Waterfront Campus can accommodate a wide range of creative projects. 1050平方米,12.3-metre-high ceiling, it services our architecture and construction management students well.

这个车间空间, 由专业技术人员监督, is equipped with the latest technology and tools to build accurate physical models of computer-generated designs.


Shared with elite athletes and sports team like the Geelong Cats, our 精英体育区 in bg电子 provides a professional standard training environment for your sporting and learning pursuits. 这个分局有一个mcg大小的椭圆形, 国际足联级足球场, 篮球和无挡板篮球场, 跳远跑道和沙坑, as well as an outdoor teaching hub with direct access to the IAAF-accredited athletics track.


Our campus libraries are brimming with physical and digital resources to help you achieve your goals, as well as tech-ready study spaces designed for group and individual study. They’re open outside of regular hours (including our Cloud Campus library that offers online support until 11pm), and our dedicated library staff can even send you books in the mail if you can’t make it on campus.


想要像专业人士一样训练? bg电子的每个校区都有专门建造的校园 临床模拟中心 that allow our nursing and midwifery students to practise their skills in authentic settings and scenarios. The centres feature state-of-the-art equipment you’ll use in your future role, making you more prepared and confident when you enter your career.


This 行业标准工具 allows you to hone your craft as a journalist, creative or communicator. It features a professional television studio with greenscreens and live streaming capabilities, 编辑套件, media resource centre and state-of-the-art newsroom that streams news from around the world.

Victoria's #1 university for educational experience*

Our leading facilities are just one of the reasons why bg电子官方注册 students love their uni experience and are better prepared for their careers.



Discover bg电子官方注册's state-of-the-art engineering facilities at our Geelong bg电子 Campus.


Explore bg电子官方注册's life and environmental science facilities at our 墨尔本伯伍德 Campus.


Explore bg电子官方注册's marine facilities located near pristine coastal ecosystems.


Go on a virtual tour of the facilities used by film, television and animation students.


bg电子官方注册’s huge range of clubs and societies allow you to have fun and meet some great friends along the way. With sports, cultural, academic, religious and social clubs and societies across each of our four campuses, there will be more than a few that are right up your alley.


If you enjoy sport and keeping fit, you’ll love exploring the first-class sports and gym facilities. 在bg电子的健身房和健身中心挥汗如雨, get fit with your friends in group classes and take your pick from the many ovals and basketball courts located across our campuses.


There are plenty of great places to eat around campus, catering for all tastes including those on special diets. We also make shopping simple, with all our campuses stocking a range of amenities for purchase.


For students and staff who drive to campus, we have ample parking facilities available. Most campuses also have visitor parking available.


*2020年学生经历调查, 以本科生为研究对象, UA基准组维多利亚大学.