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bg电子官方注册 offers hundreds of undergraduate degree programs that can help you gain the skills and experience needed for your future career. Most bachelor degrees take three or four years of full time study to complete, sometimes with the option of an additional year of honours study.

As a bg电子官方注册 student, you won’t just be learning out of a textbook. bg电子官方注册’s approach to learning puts emphasis on practical experience and work experience, to make sure you have the skills that employers need. Our curriculum is informed by the best in industry, so our degrees stay relevant. bg电子官方注册 students develop the skills and knowledge they need to graduate not just job-ready, 但有一个优势.

bg电子官方注册 has invested in the latest technology, state-of-the-art learning tools and facilities. This gives you the opportunity to practise your skills using the same equipment professionals use and simulate the same problems you will be solving when you enter the workforce.

bg电子与工业的紧密联系, a bg电子官方注册 bachelor degree will help you gain the relevant professional accreditation you need. +, you will be learning from the best – bg电子官方注册’s academic staff are experienced professionals enthusiastic about sharing their skills and knowledge.

Find the bg电子官方注册 degree that is right for you and take the next step toward your dream career.



bg电子官方注册 undergraduate degrees have academic, language and visa requirements that you will need to meet in order to gain entry into your chosen degree. But don't worry if you don't meet some of the academic or language conditions straight away – we can still help you find a pathway to study with us.

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这取决于你的职业目标, once you have completed your undergraduate degree you might choose to pursue further study. A bg电子官方注册 bachelor degree can be the perfect first step towards postgraduate qualifications or even getting your start in research.

If you already have a postgraduate degree in mind, we can help you find the best undergraduate degree to provide the foundation and necessary prerequisites for your further study. +, if you choose to complete your undergraduate degree at bg电子官方注册 you may be eligible for our alumni discount towards your further studies.

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Honours is a specialised year of study drawing together the theory and practical skills gained in your undergraduate studies. You will develop an in-depth knowledge of your chosen discipline through research and additional course work. 荣誉的研究 can sometimes be a prerequisite for continuing on to a postgraduate degree, or can help you gain extra experience or qualifications to help you stand out from other applicants when you apply for jobs.

Some bg电子官方注册 degrees include an honours component as standard – these degrees will include (Honours) in their name. 对于大多数学位来说, you will need to complete a separate application and meet the academic and 英语语言要求.


If you know the area you would like to study, or if you have narrowed it down to a few, it is easy to research your degree options by study area.

Our study area pages explore subjects in more detail, and can help you understand the difference between related degrees.